about us


Pomme Pomme produces fresh, delicious and wholesome food, inspired by our many worldy adventures. We specialise in healthy Organic, Vegetarian and Vegan food with a hearty emphasis on nutrition, colour, flavour and - most importantly - taste.

Our passion for food has grown from over 15 years experience catering for a range of events from dinner parties and weddings to community fairs and festivals.

Every element of our food is important to us. We care about how it is grown and where it is grown. We are passionate about how it is prepared, created and presented. So wherever our kitchen is - be that our beautiful vintage trailer in the middle of a festival field, our outdoor kitchen at a food festival or in your home for a bespoke dinner party – it will always be a bustling, creative space built on our philosophy that the respect that we have, the care that we take and the joy we share in our work is wholeheartedly communicated through our distinctive food. 



what we do




During the summer we tour some of the UK’s most exciting festivals in our beautiful vintage trailer. The UK festival scene has exploded in recent years – now offering exciting adventures for every taste. The standard of festival food has subsequently never been higher and we are happy to serve up our fantastic Middle Eastern Street Food at some of the best music, art, food and literary festivals in the land. Check out our social media for details of where to catch us at an event near you!

Your Event

Whether your event is a small intimate affair or a big celebration, we can help you make it special and adapt to the facilities available. Our gorgeous vintage trailer is a kitchen in itself, however we can also work with an existent kitchen in your venue or even prepare offsite. If you are in need of other components to your event – tables, décor, yurt accommodation, lighting etc, please ask, we have fantastic contacts who we have worked with many times, covering most aspects of events organisation and management. 


Our Future

We are embarking on a project that will see us growing more of our own produce. Embracing principles of Permaculture and Agro-Ecology, we hope to go some way to restoring an Elizabethan walled kitchen garden, where we are currently based in rural Herefordshire. We already have organic certification for the land and a fair amount of growing experience, which we hope will enable us to expand the sustainability and quality of our produce and indeed, our business as a whole.

If you are interested in volunteering opportunities with us, with the garden project or at a summer festival, do get in touch. We are always looking for like-minded, motivated, conscientious people to get involved.






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