about us


Pomme Pomme produces fresh, delicious and wholesome food, inspired by our many worldy adventures. We specialise in healthy Organic, Vegetarian and Vegan food with a hearty emphasis on nutrition, colour, flavour and - most importantly - taste.

Our passion for food has grown from over 15 years experience catering for a range of events from dinner parties and weddings to community fairs and festivals.

Every element of our food is important to us. We care about how it is grown and where it is grown. We are passionate about how it is prepared, created and presented. So wherever our kitchen is - be that our beautiful vintage trailer in the middle of a festival field, our outdoor kitchen at a food festival or in your home for a bespoke dinner party – it will always be a bustling, creative space built on our philosophy that the respect that we have, the care that we take and the joy we share in our work is wholeheartedly communicated through our distinctive food.